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Help us give a new lease of life to the Institut Biblique de Nogent !

The French Evangelical Church has grown tenfold in the last 60 years and a new church is planted every ten days. There are currently 2,700 churches with a total of 745,000 regular members. It is estimated that 1,000 pastors need to be trained in the next 10 years to meet the needs of the growing church.

Therefore, several years ago, the Institut Biblique de Nogent launched an ambitious development plan, to increase student capacity, renew teaching staff and recruit the next generation of students.

Thanks to your prayers and generosity, the Institute inaugurated a new accommodation block in April 2022, which has doubled student capacity. But now, it is essential to renovate our central, historic building to ensure the Institute’s ongoing ministry.

We praise God that we have already received €350,000 towards this renovation project. However, we still need to raise a further €150,000 to cover the costs of :

– electrical work,
– plumbing,
– and insulation in our campus buildings.

We’re looking for €150,000 to continue our renovation work.


Giving to the project

Giving from the United Kingdom

The Nogent Bible Institute is working in partnership with France-Mission Trust for the building project. France-Mission Trust is a registered charity that supports church-planting gospel ministry in France.


For further information on how to donate, and for online donations:


Please specify “IBN Building Project” for gifts for Nogent Bible Institute.

Giving from the United States and Canada

Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne is an Impact France partner. Impact France is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) dedicated exclusively to supporting the Gospel in France. Therefore, all gifts to Impact France for Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne are fully tax deductible for United States income tax purposes.

For further information on how to donate and for online donations:

About Nogent Bible Institute

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Nogent Bible Institute is the only interdenominational establishment of its kind in France. It was founded in 1921 by the pastor and evangelist Ruben Saillens, an important figure in France’s evangelical movement, with this motto “The whole Christ in the whole of the Bible, for the whole world.”


Nogent offers biblical and practical training in the context of a Christian community (one or three years in residential courses), with a resolutely evangelical orientation that prepares men and women for ministry as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and leaders of Christian organizations.


Nogent Bible Institute also provides essential training opportunities for leaders of African churches, both in French-speaking Africa and for the increasing number of ethnic churches in France. Similarly, the Institute plays an important part in training pastors from the French Antilles and Haiti.


The Nogent Bible Institute is well-known in French evangelical circles and trusted both for the clarity of its theological convictions and its desire for unity among evangelicals. In 1965, the Evangelical Seminary at Vaux-sur-Seine (FLTE) was launched by teachers from the Institute and in 2002 the two schools were formally united in a single federation. The Nogent Bible Institute also played a significant role in fostering relationships between evangelical denominations which led to the creation of the CNEF (National Council of French Evangelicals) in 2010. The CNEF is a member of the European Evangelical Alliance and accounts for 75% of French evangelical churches.

Inauguration of the new building – April 2, 2022