Building development : encouragements and a new challenge

Encouragement 1: lack of opposition
In September, the prefect gave permission for the Institute to receive the donation of an apartment for the project. Sale of the apartment should double the funds available. In addition, the Institute’s neighbors have not opposed the construction.

Encouragement 2: new donations
Last month, we received a pledge of $100,000 to complete the finances once other donations are brought together.

A new challenge: the high price of foundations
Geological studies have shown that the new building requires deeper, and therefore more expensive, foundations in order to comply with current standards. We will have to increase the construction budget accordingly.

Please pray with us so that God would provide the 450 000 € we still lack before building can begin.

You can help us in various ways:

  • by donating to this project
  • by raising awareness of our financial needs with those you know: download electronic versions of the leaflet (available in French, English, Mandarin Chinese or Korean) or contact us for printed copies
  • by sending us the details of people, churches or foundations who may wish to support us