We are pleased to say that we have now received planning permission from the Nogent town council. We are so encouraged to see this building project moving forward. The current total of gifts, pledges and grants received is over $600,000/£450,000:

  • $175,000/£135,000 in gifts and pledges from France, Germany and the UK
  • $105,000/£80,000 in grants from overseas foundations
  • $350,000/£270,000 or more, from an apartment bequeathed to the Institute for sale

Our next step is to start all the preparatory work (general project design, putting work out to tender…) which is necessary for the operational phase of the construction. However, we need to have raised a total of $1,180,000/£875,000 (in gifts/grants and pledges) before we can take out a bank loan for an equivalent amount, which will enable us to start the building work.

Therefore, we continue to seek support from individuals, churches and foundations in France and abroad.

You can help us in various ways:

  • by donating to this project
  • by raising awareness of our financial needs with those you know: download electronic versions of the leaflet (available in French, English, Mandarin Chinese or Korean) or contact us for printed copies 
  • by sending us the details of people, churches or foundations who may wish to support us